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Archive for July 2003

Congratulation on your graduation my sistaH

I went to UiTM shah alam today with Zam and he drove his new concept car Peugeot 307.
He's trying to impress people out there i think, heh. It's a nice car or MPV (?), smooth
engine roaring with impressive shocking system. Actually it's my younger sister convocation today and it's my
1st time a.k.a 1st step to those massive decentralize campus. I heard about bad stories of uitm students
previously couple times and i'm into nothing besides doing any judgemental. It's so hot waiting with crowd
outside Dewan Sri Budiman (it's semi-oriental old building covered with some parasite plant).

Sun burn the tarmac to melt so am i, i'm burned !!!! fuck the facilites. No proper and a big celebration of
souvenir booth or food or whatever booth outside, don't they realize how dull the ceremony is ? I bought
some daisy flower as a present for my sistah and i'm waiting under the hottest sun and i wait..wait.. till i felt
like wanna vomit and it was so exhausted there so we decided going home because my sister with my mom
& dad still inside the hall waiting for the ceremony, only my autie outside under canopy alone. Damn it... no
buses when we're gonna return back to out parking bay near stadium so we hefta walk slowly under the
burning boiled sun for about how many kilometres away and it's so sweat and ohh shitty. It's so disorganize
and crap. no more uitm for me ! Arrive in the office and turn on those songs from super cutie female singer
Waheeda. Wassini is a great song, and she really got sexyyy lips and eyes duh ! Below is her picture i stole
from the net.

15 Jul, 2003 - ded1