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Ini ialah blog/catatan peribadi tuan punya laman, kekadang ada artikel/cerita yang ditulis disini mungkin tidak selari dengan ideologi, prinsip, norma, etika, pandangan atau apa saja.Jika anda berpendapat bertentangan, kami minta maaf tetapi kami tidak akan menghentikannya.Kami sangat gembira melihat anda menjauhi laman ini.

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Archive for February 2012

One of my golden dreams since child is writing & publish a book, No ! it's not an I.T. / computer related book, computer thingy is fast pace stuff which makes your manuscript outdated by the time you publish/print/at the bookstore. BTW, it's not interesting on my mind. I'm more into writing a book on Malay cultural stuff / their traditional game during their spare time (i.e - birds cooing competition, trapping wild fowl, wood carving art on cages/wooden house), I had some field to write on my mind, it's just i need to spare some time to do homework, gather info or did empirical studies and do site visit/ground work. I saw a lot of stuff / field was documented by the West eventhough their work and the material they publish is irrelevant. They're driven by the interest or awareness of keeping thing hard copy i guess. Not like Malays or some ethnic, they're more into entertaintment, watching TV, eating, loitering. I had no idea on who to approach for publishing a book; author/editor/publisher/printing company/government agencies/etc. Still the manuscript/articles in progress which i don't know when to complete.

I already got ticket to Evanescence concert at KL Live hall tonight. Hopefully Amy Lee is doing her best to woo Malaysian fans. If you don't know 'em please read somewhere on the net like Wikipedia.

23 Feb, 2012 - ded1