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Archive for November 2017

It's about 0830 hours now, i was surrounded by a tawdry stuff, it's just shock the wild red jungle fowl rooster make a looping call reverberately like every few second. It's been quite some time never heard of such sound, i'd say nearly a year. Are they making querulous over the declining of forest area around Bukit Jalil / Puncak Jalil ?

Yeah....the housing development is pretty fast and the clearance of bushes by filthy greed corporation make 'em great depress. Does the wild red jungle fowl make some denotation over somethin' ? A revolting ? God knows...

I hope this beautiful bird remain dwelling the tiny forest around here for at least few decade. FYI, it's raining season now all over the country, some states like Penang was badly hit by flood for the past few days. I was standing still here before making peripatetic soon for a short time.

An image of the red jungle fowl (from internet)


08 Nov, 2017 - ded1

Recently there's a guy from United States, Ryan S. Lin who was arrested by FBI for doing "something" over the internet.

You may read here:

He's been using TOR, PureVPN, etc for his underground mission. At the end still get caught by the FBI.

Indeed this PureVPN company could not be trust. Donchu ever use this company service nor their product !!

Ryan S. Lin get caught because this PureVPN company provide a log and all the shit to the authority.

They even co-locate one of their vpn server in Malaysia.

Please everyone, if you think commercial VPN is secure, it's total bullshit. These are 1 of the motherfucking provider from Hong Kong.

PureVPN, you are fucking liar !


06 Nov, 2017 - ded1

Heya folks,

some of ya may realize that this blog is not update for quite some times. But anyway, i've been to Japan recently to explore their so called structured township, state of the art technologies, shinkansen, fashion hipster and stuff. It's great to see how Nippon react to surrounding, their workaholic towards job, trustworthy, business. I manage to upload some videos when i was in Japan. It was during the visit to knife museum in Sakai town in Osaka.

You may view it here:


04 Nov, 2017 - ded1