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Our good friend in IT, ahmad arafat a.k.a TRUNASUCI just passed away today at 0200 GMT +8 today 25th January 2018. The news has spread all over internet among us. He's one of a stake on opensource, music, automobiles and life. Besides all the challenge, he's non defeatist, witty, convivial but sometimes quiescent. May The Creator give reward to him for all his contribution, knowledge-sharing and stuff. I used to know him since early year 2000's from IRC DALnet, with the heavy tears, i feel regret for not having rapport while he's on wheel chair in another state of the country until the last breath. Condolence to his family, friends and everyone who knows him.

Al - Fatihah to you late mr Arafat.

We will run through those "transition path" soon.

arafat TRUNASUCI meninggal dunia 2018

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25 Jan, 2018 - ded1

Recently there's a guy from United States, Ryan S. Lin who was arrested by FBI for doing "something" over the internet.

You may read here:

He's been using TOR, PureVPN, etc for his underground mission. At the end still get caught by the FBI.

Indeed this PureVPN company could not be trust. Donchu ever use this company service nor their product !!

Ryan S. Lin get caught because this PureVPN company provide a log and all the shit to the authority.

They even co-locate one of their vpn server in Malaysia.

Please everyone, if you think commercial VPN is secure, it's total bullshit. These are 1 of the motherfucking provider from Hong Kong.

PureVPN, you are fucking liar !


06 Nov, 2017 - ded1

Didchu guys heard that some of Yahoo email server which contain 500 millions of user account info was hacked last week. This is data breach and wildly spread over the internet. If ya guys save any important info, pr0n image, pr0n video, Maybank2U username/password on it. You better do some shit now or cryin' in the loo !!


2. DISABLE YOUR SECURITY QUESTION NOW (in the email setting) !


4. UPDATE/CHANGE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PASSWORD NOW ! (facebook / instagram / myspace / tagged / friendster?)

If ya don't understand what i'm into, go get your buddy which expert on IT / Security to explain to ya, aight ?

P/S: Ya will be in the deep shit if this message goes to /dev/null/



27 Sep, 2016 - ded1